SanFormosan Specialty Taiwan Coffee Intro English 台灣咖啡

Welcome to San Formosan.

The promoter of specialty Taiwan coffee, San Formosan is a group of young people who are devoted to specialty Taiwanese specialty coffee. Starting from the place of origin, we provide guidance on investing in local farms, improve the bean processing process, and improve the quality of coffee. We take customized roasting orders to express the rich connotation of Taiwan's specialty coffee.

Why is it called "San Formosan"?

San Formosan is a company born for Taiwanese coffee.

“森”, the “San” in San Formosan, is the mist-shrouded forest on the mountain, where coffee is grown. The most suitable planting environment for coffee trees must have a large temperature difference, be shaded by trees, and have enough sunshine. In terms of Taiwan’s geographical conditions, the mountainous areas south of the Tropic of Cancer and up to Pingtung are very suitable production areas.

“高砂”(タカサゴ,Takasago in Japanese), the “Formosan” in San Formosan, means “The people in Formosa”. Formosa is the Japanese name or alias for Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. It originated from a Pingpu tribe in the Shoushan area of Kaohsiung today. The tribe planted thorny bamboo on the mountainside to ward off enemies. The Pingpu tribe’s “bamboo forest” was pronounced Takao, which later became the name of the Kaohsiung area, which is also the Hokkien word for “dog fighting.” Coffee in Taiwan has been cultivated since the Japanese colonial period. It was not a cash crop at the beginning. It was to supply the daily needs of the Japanese who had been fully westernized. It was not until the end of the colonial period that economical production began.

The name “San Formosan” represents our respect for the history of Taiwanese coffee and our concern for the environment. What we respect is the foundation laid by our predecessors, and what we care about is the good mountains and waters of Taiwan.

Agricultural production cannot be separated from environmental development. The word “森” reminds us that no matter how good our business is, we must always be careful not to over-exploit and adhere to non-toxic agriculture so that Taiwanese coffee can use sustainable, By living in symbiosis with the environment, we have become another new agricultural star in Taiwan.


Top products, from the heart

San Formosan’s premium Taiwanese coffee is worthy of its reputation as “premium”.

Starting from the raw materials, we cooperate with farmers across Taiwan. Every bean is studied with the farmers on how to improve the cultivation and post-processing. No compromises from seed to detail. At San Formosan, you can purchase top-quality Taiwanese specialty coffee beans from all major production areas in Taiwan, without having to go deep into the production areas to search for them.


Fresh from raw materials

Coffee grown in Taiwan is of course fresh.

San Formosan cooperates with farmers across Taiwan to not only study how to improve cultivation, but also carefully selects the highest quality green coffee beans during each production season and preserves them in shells in the native environment of the production area. Shelling and sorting are carried out before the beans are imported every season. Ensure that every bean fed into the roaster is the freshest, even fresh coffee beans that can be used to grow seedlings.


Roasting according to the characteristics of Taiwanese beans

San Formosan knows how to roast Taiwanese coffee best.

Taiwan has an island climate. Although there are many mountains, coffee is mostly produced in mid- to low-altitude areas. The soil, water quality, temperature difference, sunshine, humidity, and even each farmer's farming and fertilizing methods are different in each production area. Mori Takasago Coffee cooperates with every farmer, and each roast is a micro-batch roast, in order to express the best origin flavor of a single production area.


Careful from the outside to the inside

At San Formosan, there are no commercial grade products, only specialty coffee.

Our coffee beans are hand-picked by farmers, sorted by particle size, density and optical sorting. After roasting, the beans are raised separately according to the type of coffee beans. Then, depending on the product type, they are packaged in exquisite tin cans, bean bags or made into filter bags for sale. The products are beautifully packaged, environmentally friendly and reusable, and the product types are diverse, making each product the best choice for gift giving.

San Formosan Coffeeshop

We specialize in Taiwanese coffee, so we have coffeeshop that specialize in Taiwanese coffee.

“San Formosan Coffeeshop” are located in Dadaocheng and Zhongshan Station, and currently has three shops. Dadaocheng shop is our flagship shop, providing serious hand-brewed coffee service. Dihua Roastery is located in the busiest area of Dihua Street. The interior is designed with the concept of “coffee gallery” and is also our coffee roasting workshop. The Zhongshan flagship shop provides top-notch cafe services. In addition to a variety of Taiwanese coffees, it also provides top-notch meals, venue rentals, and even legal smoking seats.

“San Café” is our latest attempt. Located at Exit M6 of Taipei Main Station MRT Station, which is bustling with traffic, it provides fast and affordable Taiwanese coffee. Let everyone enjoy Taiwanese coffee, which is originally expensive.

The most important thing is our service. San Formosan, who is committed to promoting Taiwanese coffee, uses these four Coffeeshops to welcome all friends who love Taiwanese coffee or are curious about Taiwanese coffee. We are willing to share and can’t wait for you to chat about various stories about Taiwanese coffee. Please click the link below and come to us now!